Sunday, January 24, 2010

Possible End of an Era

Well I'm almost broken hearted tonight. Saints beat my boy Favre and the Vikings. No I am not a big Vikings fan. I am a Favre / Pakers fan who just couldn't stop pulling for Favre when he went to Jets or to the Vikings. The game was tight scoring but stupid mistakes is what wound up costing the Vikings the game. Several fumbles and an interception sealed it at the end. My hats off to the Saints for getting the win. I have a feeling this was the last game for Favre. I would almost bet he will call it quits now. He took a lot of hits this season and especially in the Play Offs. I just don't think his body could take another year. If so I will be pulling for him but I honestly don't want to see the guy hurt. He has given me years of enjoyment and hope he can enjoy a long life after the NFL. So if tonight was Brett Favre's last game then I congratulate him on a long and successful career in which he has thrilled millions. I don't think there has or ever will be as fun a quarterback as Brett Favre. He has enjoyed the game as much if not more than I have enjoyed watching him play.

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