Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Movie Review: Avatar 3D

Let me first tell you Avatar is the first 3D movie I have seen since the early 80's when I was a kid. If any of you remember those goofy cardboard glasses with one side red and one side blue. I will say this, 3D movies have come a long long long way. I could not believe the 3D movie experience. I am sure this would make practically any movie a ton better but when you have a great movie like Avatar and toss in the 3D version you have an epic movie. Great story line, great acting, the best special effects and CG I have seen in a movie yet. The action was almost non stop in this movie which helps to keep your attention because its not a short movie. It is right at 3 hours play time. I suggest not drinking too much soft drink at the beginning of this movie so you don't have to duck out in the middle of a great scene. This is a definite for any Sci-Fi or action movie lover. Please don't see this movie in a regular theater though. You really should pay the extra $3.00 for the 3D glasses and see in 3D only. No these are not the old cheapo glasses these are a nice hard plastic pair that will make you not as embarrassed to wear. This is a movie I plan on going back to the theater to watch again, as well as purchase the DVD to add to my collection. So go out and see this great movie and tell your friends about it. Hopefully if it does great enough at the Box Office we can get more great movies like it in the future.

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