Thursday, April 22, 2010

Saving more Money with

Well last post I was telling you about saving money with the MajicJack. Today I want to tell you about Straight Talk is actually part of Tracfone. The best thing about there service besides the price is the fact that you do not have a long term agreement for service. No contracts no obligations. There are only 2 plans to pick from. The first plan is $30.00 a month for 1000 min talk time 1000 text messages and 30mb of data for internet. The second plan is $45.00 a month for Unlimited Talk, Unlimited texting, and Unlimited Data. Both plans include free 411 calls. I believe there is a short 15 second ad you probably have to listen to before getting the number but no big deal. You do have to buy one of their phones for this service so there is a cost up front to get started. They have phones from as little as $39.00 though so everyone can find one they can afford. I went with the Samsung R451C which has a nice little full qwerty keyboard with large buttons that make it really easy to text and browse the web. Don't expect a whole lot of great graphics with the web interface though. Its browser is very basic and does the minimum it needs to do. I could have gotten 2 phones and 2 $30.00 a month plans for a combined 2000 min Talk, Text and 60mb data and would have payed only $60 a month for 600 more min talk than I get with Verizon for our 2 phone plan without internet that runs me $135 a month. But since we decided to go with the MajicJack at home and only have 1 cell phone now I will be cutting my phone bill by a great deal.

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