Friday, December 10, 2010

Saving Money with MagicJack !

Ok I was a skeptic for a long time. Why should I buy a Magicjack? I mean how good could it be for $20.00. Well to my surprise it is well worth the $20 a year. Unlimited calls to anywhere in the US Canada for $20.00. We actually dropped a cell phone service and are giving the Magicjack a try for use at home. This will save me $70 a month or $840 for the year for giving up one cell phone. My wife is at home most of the time so why pay for an expensive cell phone. We get a local area phone number that is ours to keep and no monthly bills. Easy to set up, it probably took about 2 minutes total to get going. Just plug in the phone to the Magicjack, then the Magicjack into an open USB port on your PC. It begins to auto load the software and does an update over the internet. You follow a few prompts to set up your local area number and your address for 911 purposes. Within just a couple minutes you are making and receiving great quality phone calls for really cheap. This can also be used on any PC so you can move from one PC or laptop to another. Take it on trips with you and plug into your laptop while in a hotel room and you don't have to pay for using the phone in the room. As long as you have internet access you have phone service. The better the connection the better the voice quality of course. At home I have hooked up the Magicjack to a cordless phone and you wouldn't know the difference from MagicJack to landline phone. So far I am very pleased with quality of calls and thrilled about the money I will be saving.

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